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Blog- Russian Election - "Chechen Card" - Russia Profile: Republic of Chechnya Islamic Fundamentalism (Sufism)[[|]] -Grozny is a city of construction and fear -Is the war in Chechnya over? -Corruption in North Caucasus fuels instability - Chechen ombudsman: Caucasus Violence part of "conspiracy"


-Putin: -Putin's plan to be prime minister next year,,2185022,00.html -Putin wants to go on and on - Putin to run for parliament, may become PM - Putin plans for new role - President Putin to play major role in December parliamentary elections -Kadyrov's young government -Kayrov supports Putin for life time president -Kadyrov's new challenge to Russian government -Kadyrov -Rational leader or ideological zealot -PRESERVING THE STATUS QUO: KADYROV\'S STAKE IN “OPERATION SUCCESSOR” -Kadyrov: the weak points of chechnya's strongman -Putin Proposes Kadyrov -Chechen authorities order NGOs back -Federal and Chechen leaders say that all is calm -the future of Ramzen Kadyrov -Growing distrust of Kadyrov in Russian Political circles -Kadyrov's Chechen network in Moscow -Kadyrov began making appointments to his cabinet -Kadyrov Goes on Pilgrimage, Discusses Role of Islam -Kadyrov sworn in -Kadyrov- Be careful what you wish for

Military/Security Forces -Putin's withdrawal from Chechnya -Russia's uncertain military future in Chechnya -Moscow puts Kadyrovtsy under its own command -The Kadyrovtsy: Moscow's New Pawns in the South Caucasus? -Russia Reorganizes its War on Terrorism - Not a single Chechen conscript drafted into the Russian army over another twelve to twenty four months will be serving outside the Chechen republic -Global Challenges Research Chechnya's army outline -Dossier: Chechen Security Forces 2000 – 2006 - Law Enforcement officials replaced -624 CHECHEN INTERIOR MINISTRY EMPLOYEES KILLED SINCE 1999 -Russian generals about the situation in Chechnya -Kadyrov wants federal troops out -Chechnya Situation Has Become More Difficult -Georgians Afraid of the Chechens… from Russian Intelligence -Mossad Agents Eliminated in the Northern Caucasus

Economy -Kadyrov expresses unhappiness of oil revenue distribution -President Calls For New Economic Strategy - Paragraph about Oil -CHECHNYA’S LATEST ECONOMIC INITIATIVE: THE POLITICS OF AUTONOMY -Special Economic Status for Chechnya Money and murder are key to Grozny regeneration

Insurgents -Political Disunity Mars Chechen Rebel Strategy in the North Caucasus -Shifting Battlefields of the Chechen War -Annotated Timeline Of The Chechen Conflict -Jihadization of insurgency -Foreign fighters in the Chechen resistance -THE INTEGRATION OF REGIONAL GROUPS IN THE CHECHEN RESISTANCE -THE THREAT OF CONSCRIPTION: A NEW SABRE FOR UMAROV TO RATTLE? -Umarov's attempt to rebuild foundations -Rebel Brigadier generals -Abu Khafs killed -Chechen Intelligence Will Operate Throughout the World -Russian Secret Services Destroyed the Symbol of Chechen Separatism -Rebels respond to Kadyrov's threats with Village raids -Agishty- The hottest spot -Fear of large scale rebel attack grips grozny -Senior Rebel killed -effect of Insurgency on Sochi 2014 Olympics site -Rebels - Pro-Moscow forces exchange fire across Chechnya - Rebels step up attacks in Chechnya -Rebel leader killed - Dokka Umarov inside the Chechen insurgency

Demographics Chechen Prosecutor: More than 2,000 Kidnapping Cases Have Been Opened Chechen Parliamentary Speaker Says 4,300 Have Disappeared - Torture remains major problem -Chechnya says singers must show national character -CHECHEN DRESS CODE -Russia's Chechnya imposes Islamic dress code - "Jihadization" of Chechen Islamic Resistance and Global Implications -Chechen Culture ministry will regulate entertainers -HIV/Aids on the rise,2144,2810211,00.html -EU Politicians Angered by Removal of Chechnya Photo Exhibit
-Torture -The "Khantys" -A European human rights court decision against Russia

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