"Russia's North Caucasus In Crisis Again" 23 August 2007. (Accessed through Jane's Information Group)
  • Violence is again increasing in Russia's North Caucasus region, especially in the republics of Ingushetia and Dagestan.
  • This reflects the local leadership's failure to address the practical issues behind the militancy, as well as a backlash from heavy-handed and often ineffective policing.
  • The militants are largely driven by local interests, but there are signs of renewed penetration by jihadists.

"Dagestan Residents Protest Against Chechen Agency's Abductions". 31October 2006. (Accessed through Jane's Information Group):
  • "In many respects, the continuous violence in republics such as Dagestan and Ingushetia now pose more of a challenge to Russian authorities than the diminishing insurgent threat in Chechnya, where security forces have recently scored a number of successes such as the killing of Shamil Basayev in July."

"Ingushetia Attack Symbolic of Growing Republic Militancy". 3 September 2007. (Access through Jane's Information Group):
  • The second main strand is explicitly Islamist, but still predominantly local in its interests. Groups such as Shariat Jamaat in Dagestan and the smaller Ingush Jamaat Shariat seek to create Islamic states, but are more concerned with driving out pro-Moscow regimes than waging a global Islamist struggle.